Monday, 16 February 2009

Filtering Custom CRM reports

Hi Guys

I have had much fun over recent days producing custom reports for our clients and as I am learning and making the reports flashier, I have finally learnt what you need to do to add a filter to your reports.

Firstly, you must alias the tables that you are retrieving data from with CRMAF_, for example

select *
from filteredaccount as CRMAF_filteredaccount

Secondly, if you want to specify which columns you wish to select you include the CRMAF reference in your select query

from filteredaccount as CRMAF_filteredaccount

It is very basic I know, but if like me you have spent time creating reports in CRM then editing them in Visual Studio, just to have the filter, this saves a lot of time!

Happy Reporting!

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